DTE Environmental Services is a biologically based environmental services and consulting firm. With specialists in aquatic and terrestrial ecology, we provide a full array of biological/ ecological services. DTE is dedicated to sound decision making in the planning and management of land, water and biological resources through the integration of ecological principles and regulatory guidance for the continued benefit to people and a sustainable environment.

North Carolina Clear Water Contractors

Areas of Work

DTE provides specialized services for client groups such as landowners, resource managers, land trusts, regional governments and agencies, and planners and developers. We deliver timely, cost-efficient services in the planning, assessment, mitigation, restoration, monitoring, reporting and ongoing management of environmental projects. DTE operates in the following areas of environmental work, meeting client’s needs on straight-forward tasks as well as complex projects requiring multi-discipline approaches.

Who We Are

DTE is a small business that works seamlessly with other small business partners to provide a broad range of environmental services. Interested persons and potential clients and are invited to contact DTE or one of its partners for any environmental/ ecological needs, issues or questions.