Natural Resources Management

DTE’s field services are focused in the areas of biological and natural resource assessment, ecosystem restoration and management. We conduct services in wildlife and fisheries management, water quality analysis, storm water and soil erosion control, flora and fauna survey, habitat enhancement, and site mitigation.

Land & Water Assessment and Management

  • Land, Water and Biological Resources Survey and Assessment
  • Jurisdictional Waters Delineation and Permitting (Streams and Wetlands)
  • Soil and Water Quality Analysis
  • Potable Water Evaluations (well system assessment, purification systems)
  • Soil Stabilization and Erosion Control
  • Storm Water Control Plans, Design and Installation
  • Water Resources Assessments for Agriculture
  • Pond Construction and Maintenance, Fish Stocking

Biological Survey and Habitat Enhancement

  • Wildlife and Fisheries Monitoring and Management
  • Biological Assessments and Natural Resource Evaluations
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
  • Floral and Faunal Inventories and Biodiversity Assessments
  • Species and Habitat Studies
  • Game Population Management – (Population/Herd Health Assessment & Management Services)
  • Resources Availability and Usage Modeling with GIS
  • Pond Construction and Maintenance; Fish Stocking
  • Habitat Enhancement for Wildlife and Fisheries
  • Aquatic Resources Management, Water Quality Assessment
  • Ecosystem Restoration (stream and wetland)
  • Aquatic Habitat Creation and Stream Bank Stabilization
  • Wildlife Damage Management and Humane Animal Removal
  • Invasive (Exotic) Species Control