Planning and Management

DTE provides site planning and management services to beautify and enhance property value, to minimize project related impacts to natural resources, to improve fish and wildlife habitat and to bring land use or construction activities into compliance with environmental laws. DTE works with local governments and land trusts as well as individual landowners and developers with design-build landscaping services, regulatory guidance, construction plans and erosion control, and natural resources enhancement services. Through use of sound ecological principals and planning, DTE strives to restore or improve form and function of natural systems; and through regulatory guidance, DTE alleviates possibilities of environmental wrong doing or legal problems for the client. DTE also coordinates regulatory issues and permitting needs of clients with federal, state and local government agencies.

Many property owners, communities and land trusts seek to learn more about the environmental and ecological qualities and values of their holdings. The desire might be to determine the status of wildlife, fish and plant communities present for better management, or to better understand effects on these resources from present or future land or water disturbances, and the rights and pathways available to them for preserving ecological values.

Planning-Management Services for Landowners

  • Procurement of Aid/Tax-Incentives for Wildlife/ Habitat Conservation Projects

Planning-Management Services for Land and Natural Resource Managers

  • Water Resource Assessment and Watershed Planning and Management
  • Land Management and Habitat Conservation Plans
  • Wildlife and Forest Management Plans
  • Landscape and Watershed Analysis
  • Landuse Planning and Management

Planning-Management Services for Planners and Developers

  • Pre-development Planning & Design Consultations
  • Post-development Remediation – Improvements/Enhancements
  • Forest and Timber Management Plans